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Thursday, March 22, 2007

You might be the world...

Ok, it is nothin' special, but thought it had a bit of a "spring" feel to it :)

This is my first freebie in about 8 months I think & it is my first try at a template, so be gentle! :P

Woo Hoo interest in it has brought a link...Right HERE
Below is my take on it...actually the layout was the inspiration for the template!

Please, please, please if you download it, leave some lovin'...if you use it link me to your layout so I can do the same!!!

Thank You LisaBranka for the great Quote Chat (at www.scrapbook-bytes.com every wednesday night at 11:15 est. time *smiles*)!

This quote always reminds me that at points in their young lives, I have been the entire world to my young'uns....and that every minute of every day, no matter how "the world" views them or might view them in the future, they are MY world :)...