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Monday, November 24, 2008

I just realized...

I just realized that it is almost Thanksgiving and I never got around to posting any fall/halloween pics! so here are the bazillion or so that I like the most...this is only about 1/10 of the pics I took in Oct.! (some with short descriptions, some without ;) )
hope you are not on dial up...if you are, just close this screen NOW! :D
**Update on my mom...her eye is actually healing amazingly well! Even the docs are stumped (we aren't though, God is faithful to answer prayers :) )! They are now saying she will most likely make a COMPLETE recovery!!!! (long shot from "you might lose sight completely and forever") lol**

The abandoned baseball in the backyard...yes folks, summer is sincerely over....

Miss Attitude herself in her 3 dollar outfit (all 3 pieces were 99 cents each at goodwill)...she is showing me how they get quiet in preschool..."one hand on your hip and one on your lip"....she loves it

Her favorite place to sleep...on daddy's chest...I have a million pics of them sleeping, but it never ceases to tug at my heart when I see them :)

She wore this shirt no less than 15 days in the month of October...seriously...she kept calling it her "cool shirt" (99 cents at goodwill) and her "cool shorts" (99 cent boy shorts from goodwill)...are you seeing a pattern with her favorite clothes?

My ornery nephew, in HIS 99 cent sweater that Tink picked out for him :)

This is actually the end of the parade and Lane was feeling the "ugh" of carrying quads for a couple of miles while marching...

Tink watching the parade...see that li'l cluster of people behind the ambulance? That is their entire marching band....seriously...

Tinks crush (on the left) and Lane during the Homecoming parade (this was actually the beginning of the parade)

li'l viking

This one is out of order but it was taken at the pumpkin patch :)

What is she staring at?!

ut oh...yeah, its 2 kittens that were working on getting ran over in MIL's apartment driveway...we put them in the box and Tink wouldn't quit looking at them....

and looking at them.....

We took the kittens to my mom's house in hopes that we could find someone who would want them, then we headed for our annual trip to a pumpkin patch north of my mom's....

we learned that cows LOVE pumpkins....

My older nephew, my big kid, my baby kid, and my middle kid :)

we returned the orange kitten to my MIL's apartment complex and took a chance that daddy MIGHT let us keep the calico (it was a girl, the orange was a boy....she was in MUCH worse shape than the boy, this is after 4 or 5 baths :( )

can you tell we kinda like her? and after several days daddy gave in and let us keep "Jofehfeen" as Tink started calling her....(Josephine)
Here she is giving her "I am a tough-butt" look, ears down and all ;)

This is her ninja kitty look ;)

in between shots of the kitten, I caught E-man laughin it up at something :) I don't normally catch honest to goodness candids of him very often so this was a treat ;)

honestly, how could daddy have said no?

"Tink, what are you doing?"... She replied that she had put her baby to sleep....

These are all from our fall pics that didnt all turn out so well lol

My 3 :)

My Oldest....

My younger nephew :)

I love this pic because it is showing his TRUE personality ;)

My 2 nephews...

My older nephew :)

and last but DEFINITELY not least, my middle'un....trying to get a "serious" or "posed" pic of him is like trying to get a cow not to fart....

When asked what the next 2 pics were about he said "I am de-ad schexy"....good Lord

Then this is the first day that was cold enough for Tink to wear her new coat that MIL got her for her birthday...

ok, she was sick of pics...enough already....

Halloween is crazy busy for us...by "halloween" I mean starting about a week before! this was in preparation for the fall festival/costume contest in the town my mom lives in....I forgot about the contest until the day before so I had literally HOURS to make her costume (and eli's) the night before the contest...Hubby's grandma donated an old sheet, the rest was up to me and Tink lol

I loved how the arms and her hand turned out...had my fingers crossed for the rest of the ensemble! We did this much at home then headed to mom's to finish up....didn't want her having to ride 30 minutes in full costume lol

a littler further into it.....yes that is all her hair...well her hair plus a TON of Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray and black & white cheapo walmart halloween spray....

Before the contest...the work was worth it! Didn't it turn out TOO cute?!

Elijah was cracking me up...he went as Spider Food or When Good Spiders Go Bad (he even named his spider....Jeffey....)

My 2 younger ones with my nephews....sniffle, sadly lane opted to sit out halloween this year, nearly broke my heart!

practicing her walk (not sure why her makeup looks blue in some of the pics...it truly was grayish)

navy admiral (yes we know he is saluting with the wrong hand...he is 5....lol)

Elijah cracks me up....I love this pic....looks like "Jeffey" finally got to him ;)

waiting for the parade to start....

and they are on the move! (it is a 2 block parade leading to the contest area lol, but the kids love it)

Tink got first, the lil pirate got 2nd and the fairy got 3rd :)

Bubba got second in his category!

Chase got 2nd in his and elijah's category, and tink finally let him near her lol

Chase got 2nd and elijah got first in their category :D

LOL we didn't know lane was "looming" over her until we were looking at the pics...the next few are of her "classic scream" poses ;)

she was getting tired, it was a long day!

her and daniel used part of their winnings to ride on the li'l carriage...

then they used more in the straw maze....at times this was all I could see of my daughter....lol

in the tunnel of the straw maze...turned out kinda creepy lol

Even reanimated dead girls get hungry after a long day of contests, mazes, carriage rides & such!

Lane and my daddy picking the last of the tomatoes before that nights freeze/frost (the first of the year)

we fried up the green ones...yum...sigh but no more until next summer SOBBING

Time to carve the pumpkins they picked out at the patch!

Elijah always takes the longest lol the others were done by the time he got his "lid" off

The first year she has not cried over touching the guts!

She kept saying "hurry momma....i don't want it IN my mou-ff"

Lane couldn't be outdone by a 4 yr old....

Ok, our tradition is that as soon as you "break the seal" of your lid, you get to be the first to smell it (yes we are weird, we all like the smell of pumpkin, it is like a passage into autumn...well the kids and I do, we don't think daddy does lol)

Tink poppin out the parts and then posing with her finished pumpkin...she wanted the eyes "silly" the mouth "scary" and it all to be "cute, you know"

count SPATula.....do I really have to claim this kid?

Jofehfeen "Joey" had to check it all out...

Lanes, Elijahs & Tinks....tink's looks like it is on fire....lol

raking leaves is just another sign that fall is here :D

This was before we left for our 2nd costume contest/festival....she was being the pharoah's kitten....lol

and it totally wore her out!

Daniel is such a goob..."now datsa spicya meatball!"

another phase in getting tink ready...this was for the 2nd contest....this was BEFORE any hairspray!

mommy was hurried and grumpy and the makeup/hair showed it :( but she still got first :D

looks like the admiral picked up some company on shore leave! yikes!

chase and his competition, he won first!

Eli gave it his best "my spider is draining me" performance but the competition was too stiff....he didn't win this go-round...

Trick or treat night 1....Eli is such a good brother :) and we ditched the colored hair for tink....

Eli's halloween "trick" on his teacher....pretending to have gotten beat up the night before....

not bad for washable markers ;)

Trick or Treat night 2...we ditched the hair color AND most of the makeup and she still looked way cute ;) just more like daughter of frankenstein's monster instead of bride ;) This was probably my favorite look for her costume :D

These are the 3 that I took trick or treating that night...bubba stayed at sis' house to pass out candy with her and goozie (chase) came to my house....lane was playing in the band at the playoff game that night....

not sure why but i really love this pic of them...maybe b/c it shows the time of day (setting sun, long shadows) or maybe it is b/c it reminds me of trick or treating when I was little....

this was NOT posed....he sat down to wait while chase got his gloves off to tie his shoe...I couldn't resist taking a pic ...not funny, just ironic ;)

in front of the SUPER scary house....the other 1/2 of the yard was too gruesome to show!

this is a bad pic, but that was one of the most awesome night skies to trick or treat under!

daddy hoarding the kids' hard earned candy!

be careful tink! he might bite & I don't think he is up to date on his shots!

Ok and here is our story board for the night....

"HA-HA!!!! I will now take the potion that my master concocted in his lab...bwahahahahaha!"

*gutteral gulpin noises*

*that weird strangle noise they always make after drinking the potion*

*screams* "what am i turning into?! what have i done?!"

"must ravage villages, throw small girls into ponds, and be chased by angry mobs!!!!!"

I think she is destined for stardom.....well she would have been 50-75 yrs ago, kids now-days just don't appreciate good acting ;) hahahahahahaha

Now just some random fall pics....
I call this one "slackers" since it was pushing late morning and these slackers were still resting on the wet leaves after a heavy fog lifted ;)

"neighbors" same morning fog made every spiderweb very visible and very beautiful (my pics don't do them justice)

inner beauty.....

:) I love the star shape of this late pumpkin bloom :D

I like to think of this one as "God loves me...He even shows me in the sweetest of ways"...

Wow if you made it through those, you are a better woman than I....I barely made it through and they were MY pictures! but now I feel like I have completed my posts for Oct. and can move on to Thanksgiving stuff ;)....yikes only 3 more days!