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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

who all is in the ADSR 3?!

Just curious as to who all is in the Amazing DigiScrap Race Season 3?! I would love to know your ID and team name so that I can comment on your layouts and such! I am on The ScrapBrats team with mirandalea :)...seems that the entire digi-world is involved!
here is my layout for challenge 1..the rules were to use the provided template (can be seen at digital scrapbooking classes), use your favorite color, use pics of your favorite person to scrapbook (i couldn't choose one of the 3 so I used all 3), and use your favorite element 3 times on your layout...here is my result :) if you want to leave a comment on it or see the credits, click the image and it will take you to the ADSR gallery :)

then (almost by accident while trying to explain something to a friend) I popped a different paper on the layout and got a TOTALLY different, but equally great look!!! I loved the way the yello brought out the bright colors of the photos and added a sense of fun to the overall layout!
*moral of the story: change your outlook, make it brighter, add some dots and woot! you have something fun! :) * The only difference in the credits on this one is that the background paper is by happy scrap :)...the vellum behind the journaling is my own

** I am also asking for just an overall prayer for all those who have lost someone in the last few weeks...my dear friend Carla lost her cousin, my dad lost his dad, sara's oldest son lost his dad, I just heard that amy sumerall lost her dad, a friend (Tina) of a very dear friend (Tracy/5angels) lost her mom....it just seems to be a season for passings and for those of us left, it is such a struggle to understand or to come to grips with.....so for those who have lost someone, I am praying for you....for those who haven't, make sure to thank God and pray for those who have :) **

Monday, February 25, 2008

WARNING....tons of pics!!!

The other day we decided to go sledding at a local hill. This is the first snow/ice that we have had all year that has stayed around more than a day or two. Thus starts our story...... :)

Poor Tink...so young...so naive...so trusting as she climbs into the sled with daddy...

her first time sledding that she can remember and THIS is the result...that is her little foot at the top of the sled and her little pink glove under daddy's leg (look near his knee).....

As you can tell, she was not happy about being rolled...she was not happy about losing her hat...and she was NOT happy about sledding with daddy....

Lane reminded me of Frosty the Snowman in all of his tummy pics lol "and he was the best belly whopper around"...I love seeing my "almost teen" laughing and enjoying something he has enjoyed forever :)

Elijah loves being dramatic, trust me there was not enough momentum in those 2 feet of hill to make him roll, but he managed it anyway ;)

She loves making faces...she definitely loves it more than flipping down the hill :)

you can barely see it, but elijah is on the OTHER side of daddy in this one...I really think Mike rolls these babies on purpose so that they won't want to sled with him so he can have the sled all to himself!

Tink once again gave in and rode down with daddy....trick me once shame on you, trick me twice shame on me....this was the last time she would agree to get on the sled with him that day lol

This is her reaction when we tried to convince her to go back up the hill with daddy...she was having none of it!

Notice when he goes it alone he doesn't roll...hm.....coincidence? i think NOT!

There is a fine line between fear and fun, dread and glee! Elijah makes this face almost every time he goes down the hill lol but he said he wsa loving it...go figure!

Lane doin' the Frosty bellywhooper again :)

Tink was afraid we were going to make her go down in the sled again so she was NOT going to smile lol

oh look! a tink sized sled! (aka a lunch tray)

there is that look again, the one he says is a look of unadulterated joy....hm

Mike must have been having a LOT of fun according to that face :)

Lane is almost as big as daddy, but he couldn't let Elijah get to do something first....

She wouldn't let daddy on her "sled" but she would let him give her a boost (she was only about 1/3 of the way up the hill lol)

ok THAT looks like a blast :D

just enjoyin time with daddy

all has been forgiven, and she is daddy's girl again :)

there is that face again ;)

this one turned out blurry :( but I still loved that you could see how much fun they were having!

she loved going down the hill on her own!

:) looks like she threw daddy off that time :D

another run! go tink!!!

still going.....

finally stopped! and you can tell she was happy with herself and with sledding!

it started sleeting/raining/freezing raining so we had to go home...daddy got her a snack of applesauce and saltine crackers....

she found baby lumpy and was asleep in no time flat....

:) I will have a few layouts up tomorrow hopefully, and maybe (big maybe) a freebie soon......seems like every time I make a freebie there is either something wrong with what day I post it on, who can or can't use it, or how long I leave it up... lol

Friday, February 15, 2008

Response to "the Tagger"...

I got on 4shared today to see how many downloads the last freebie had and wanted to see what comments were left...yes yes, I am a comment freak, i LOVE comments (good or CONSTRUCTIVELY criticizing) because sometimes they help me better my products or sometimes they just make me feel good to know that you guys like something I made....
Well in my 4 shared comments the following was left by "Tagger"....
"Well in searching for a scrap kit to make tags with I found this but your TOU is not letting us use it to make tags.


Making tags does not mean we are taking credit away from you."

In response to "tagger" (whomever he or she may be), I am sorry you feel that I am a snob. I assure you (and anyone who has taken more than 2 seconds to contact me could probably assure you) I am not a snob. This is something I probably shouldn't even be addressing, seeings how you did not email me or even comment in a way I can respond. In my TOU it says no commercial use including tags...this is because I have had people steal my stuff, call it there own and make tags using it (claiming they make the items they use in their tags).....HOWEVER, if you would have read the line in my TOU a couple lines before that it says that IF IF IF you contact me, I will consider it on a case by case basis....it is called common courtesy to ask a designer (of ANYTYING, not just scrapbooking) for their permission to use something they created for something that might make YOU a profit.....

There is a fabulous site that is geared toward taggers. It is DesignsByHelly (http://designsbyhelly.blogspot.com/)...I love her grunge and full forward effect of her designs!
But you know what? If you use her designs GIVE HER CREDIT and maybe she won't have to start restricting who can use what....and next time, email me because believe it or not, I have *gasp* actually okayed use for things that were "off limits" simply because someone took the time to ask.

I have to wonder if people feel "ok" to make such generalizations without making some effort to get to know a person in real life? Or it is just a case of people running from site to site snagging freebies and who normally wouldn't have commented in a nice way? BUT I will say, and I want everyone to hear this, thank you "tagger" for actually READING my TOU...just for that I would have given you use of my freebie provided you weren't making a profit from it.

I hope this did not come across as being rude or "snobbish" in itself, I guess I just felt the need to address that someone felt shortchanged or hurt by something of my doing :(

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2 posts in 2 days with 2 different freebies?!

Doesn't seem possible, I know...I know.....
But after seeing Kim B's rockin' color challenge at DSO I had to do SOMETHING and I have been in quite a funk so I wasn't sure how it would turn out....but I did it, I created a little mini kit and have decided to give it to anyone who happens to still be reading my neglected little blog lol.
I also have some good news :)!...Miranda (mirandalea) and I are officially signed up for the ADSR (amazing digi scrap race)! We are The Scrap Brats :) (any of you who know me from my days hanging out at SBB know that the honorable mantle of Scrapbrat was bestowed upon me from the ORIGINAL scrapbrat).....
I am looking forward to it but I am SO SO SO nervous!
Anyway, click on the image to get your freebie (if 4shared is playing nice at the moment *ugh*) and check back here tomorrow or the next day for some updates on this funny lil thing I call "my life"....
Oh yes, if you had emailed me last month with the answer (if you emailed me you will know what I mean anyway) and I did NOT email you yesterday please email me again and let me know :) so that I can get you a little something :)
**The frame and heart elements are separate, they are not stuck together like it looks on the preview...also the red smudge behind my name is an element also**

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A quick freebie & a question :)

:) Hey all :)
I have a quick "Oops" paper pack for you as a freebie and I question....
What kind of freebies do you like best?! Quick Pages, Templates, Papers, Word art?!
Let me know because I have a LOT of files I am going to be going through and a LOT of designing in the works and I would love to give you all what you want!
I have seen several brag book quick pages where you get one or two a day until you have enough to fill a brag book...would you like something like that?
OAKS is now officially closed :( for those of who didn't know, so you can find me at www.treasurestoscrap.com and www.designing-moments.net and I will be participating in World Scrapping Tour http://worldscrappingtour.freeforums.org/viewforum.php?f=54

Anyway, here is your freebie for now...those of you who emailed me, check your emails, I will have a gift for you there before the day is out. Click on the image to download :)