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Saturday, January 31, 2009

:) Please visit...

Please visit my other blog :) http://fantacys365.blogspot.com/ I have actually kept up with it for an entire month!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Contemporary Portrait 5...snow day!

This week I have a VERY recent portrait! Yay me! :) We had about 3-5 inches of snow, then an inch of ice, then another 5-7 inches of snow in a 48 hour period this week! My oldest was not willing to venture out in the bitter cold to play (or even have his pic taken) but the younger 2 did and we had a lot of fun :). My photo this week is, once again, a photo of my dd Tink... She LOVES snow...to play in...to make snow angels in...and of course to eat ;)
I had 3 or 4 that I absolutely loved but this was one that just stood out :) I love the expression on her face, the snow caked on her gloves and sleeves, her locks of hair sticking out from under her hat and the way her purple jacket stands out against the white snow :) This photo just epitomizes "childhood winter" to me :)
This is part of the Contemporary Portrait meme hosted by I'm in Culture Shock (see the button on my sidebar...yeah the one with Tink on it ;) )...why not post a portrait shot and link it up over there?!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Contemporary Portrait 4 (I missed 3)....

Ok :) I have shown off my pouty youngest and my oh-so-rarely-smiles-for-photos eldest now is the time to let my Middle E shine :D He is my biggest challenge most days but he is also my most affectionately loving most days...He is a walking contradiction in so many ways. He loves to argue but can't stand not being in agreement...He hates disappointing anyone but never wants to work for anyone's approval...He is brilliantly intelligent but normally chooses to follow his gut before his brain lol
He is, for all his contradictions, imperfectly perfect :)
To say my life would be dull without him would be the understatement of the century!

I missed C.P. week 3, but am happy I remembered ON TIME to post week 4 ;)
If you would like to participate in the Contemporary Portrait meme click on the button on my sidebar (yeah the one with Tink on it ;) ). And could someone explain to me why why call it a "meme?"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Contemporary Portrait 2...

Once again I am late posting this...grrrr! Contemp- orary Portrait is supposed to be posted on FRIDAYS (making note to self so I make it next week!) I am also going to try to make sure that I take a portrait for my 365 Project each week so that I can combine the 2! (although I am enjoying getting to show off some of my photos from last year so who knows) lol
This is my oldest, the Big L...it takes SO much to get him to smile for a photo, so I love this one for sure :D He is such a great kidlet!
Oh yes, if any of you know of anyone with a fully functioning dslr that they are looking to get rid of for fairly inexpensive please let me know! (I would LOVE a nikon or canon...even an old model as long as it is dslr and still takes good photos). There are 2 reasons for me being so gung-ho to get a "big girl" camera, 1. My cousin has asked me to take photos at his wedding, which I really really really am dreading because with a point and shoot there is no getting a decent pic in an old church... and 2ndly, I am planning on (as soon as I do get a decent camera) starting to take photos for moms who cannot afford to have their newborn's pics taken (like the birth announcement pics). I would be doing this through a local pregnancy crisis center that members of our church family help with.
I know that several people got new cameras for Christmas and several people upgraded from older dslr models, so if you know of any of those who would be interested in getting rid of their old camera please shoot me an email! I don't have a lot of money to spend, but even if we could work out a payment plan with my parents or something (I would get the money from them then pay them back a little at a time). OR if any of you know of a reputable 2nd hand camera shop that does online business, I am open for suggestions! The birth photo endeavor is something I would really love to start and be able to keep up with...I appreciate any help anyone can give!

**oh yeah, see the li'l "Contemporary Photo" button on my sidebar? That is Tink! :D I am so excited :)....Click on it and participate!**

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Didn't make the 365 Cut....

This year I have decided to take on the 365 challenge. The challenge to take at least a pic a day that represents you day to day life...
Photos are like Lays Potato Chips though, no one can take just one.
If I have more than one good one, I will most likely post however many I feel like I want per day on my Project 365 blog, however there are some pics that definitely define my day to day life that just didn't make the cut even though we are only 6 days into it....these would be "those" photos....
This is a common site in our bathroom, my middle kidlet's UPS cap that he loves that reads "Think Brown" and even though the kid never remembers to take his cap off at the supper table, he seems to remember when he um "thinks brown"...just seems ironic every time I go in and see used matches and that cap on the back of the toilet...maybe it is just me though, not many other people seem to catch the irony ;).

Then there is this....I ask for a sincere smile....a simple half smile...or no smile at all, just a "normal" face....
This is what I get in return....Middle E my love, this will come back to haunt you at some point I am sure....oh yes, I am sure......bwahahahahaha

and finally, this was supposed to be a "cute" shot of 2 of my "grandbabies" that I was "babysitting" for li'l T....supposed to be cute and all I can think of when I see it is REDRUM..... REEEEEDRUUUUUM.... crimenies that gives me the willies! *note to self, no more "cute" pics of twin dolls.....*

when I compose this blog post it looks right but when I preview or post it, it is all wonky so please forgive the massive gaps! Not sure why it is hating me atm...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Contemporary Portrait 1...

Just a random candid of my younger son and my hubby (who was actually scolding our youngest, thus the weird mouth thing lol). I love how much our kids love their daddy and vice versa. This is my contemporary portrait for this week (better late than never huh?). Head over to I'm In Culture Shock for other portraits posted this week :).