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Sunday, September 30, 2007

'fraidy cat...'fraidy cat....'fraidy cat freebie :)

:) can you guess what my newest li'l kit is called?!
lol I am having so much fun working over at OAKS and a very dear friend of mine is now with me over there!!!!! a lot of you may remember her from SBB (angelarelle), or from DID...
Cherie Shields is now an OAKS gal!!!! I am so excited :)
Cherie has also been kind of mentoring me on how to promote myself and what people like and don't like, what to do and what not to do, and just being there for me in general :)
She used my new releases to make a frightfully fantastic Desktop Calendar for me to share here (ok i have to admit, i have VERY talented friends who must love me b/c they keep doing all this stuff for me lol)
I have yet to make many frames, so Cherie used one of her frames from her "Simply Frame Me" element pack :)!!! She has some gorgeous frames in that pack ;)
Click on the preview to download the free desktop calendar!

this is what I did with the calendar so that I can print it off for my
Mother-in-Law to keep on her desk at work (her LITERAL desktop!)...
This size prints beautifully (it is the same as an 8x10)....

Credits: 'fraidy Cat mini-kit & Hallow-teen paper pack by Scrappin'HillbillySweetpea Designs (lol me) and Frame from "Simply Frame Me" by Cherie Shields
Layout/Desktop Calendar- Cherie Shields :)
Fonts-rsfont (on my example)

Here are previews of my newest additions to the store :D...you can get to my store by clicking on the previews :)
Here is my 'fraidy Cat li'l kit :)
Sure to make your Halloween layouts an absolute SCREAM! with spiders and cats and bold creepy colors, how can you go wrong snagging up this kit?! If you only want the papers, i have them available separately; if you only want the elements, you can buy them separately too, but you save

Then there is my Hallow-teen Paper Pack...it is bright enough to show off your littlest monsters, yet dark enough to make emo seem happy :) This selection of ghoulishly delightful papers to bring your Halloween layouts to life. Included are 7 terrifyingly textured, frightfully fantastic papers with names like dirty pumpkin, hallowteen moon, somethin dirty, and scaredy stripes.....how could even the coldest hearted witch resist?!
All petrifying papers are 12x12 inches (3600 x 3600 pixels) and saved at 300 dpi for hauntingly high quality...
Drop shadows are for preview purposes only...its gives the ghosts a place to hide....;)

ok this time i spared you by giving you the freebie before i blog my life lol
Just a little update here....

Elijah seems to be doing really well with the positive reinforcement :)... He pushes it sometimes by trying to get away with more than he can, but we just keep being firm with consequences for bad behavior and really pushing the positives....

Tink is pee-pee potty trained now!!! woot!!! now if we could just figure out the other :(....she is talking more clearly every day and is getting so tall!

Lane got his school pictures back and for the first time EVER he had a sincere smile in them!!! even though i told him he didn't have to smile (when he fakes it, it ruins the pic completely)....he is such a good kid....

Mike and I had all Friday evening and all day Saturday to ourselves :D...my sis took all 3 kids for over 24 hours!!!! We went to eat at a restaurant we have never tried (it was not all that great, but at least it was not Taco Bell or a buffet ;) ), came home and watched Apocalypto (FAB movie...it is all subtitled, but it is really good...very intense so not for the whole family, but beautifully done and very good)...then we slept until 11 a.m.....yes ELEVEN, as in almost noon lol....it was heavenly :)...we just puttered around the house for a couple hours, then went to the Y to work out together (mike had to almost guilt me into it b/c i had a minor panic attack thinking about it)...
I did 15 min on the eliptical (sp?), and 20 min on the treadmill....then i did stretches and side crunches....i really have to get back in shape....
then we went to my mom's and my sister's (they live across the street from each other lol) and ended up only bringing one of our 3 kids home with us lol....it was a really nice weekend....

We went to bed kinda late (12:30 or so), and were awoken to the sound of tink getting sick, so we were up all night (until about 8 this a.m.) taking care of her, thank God she seems to be feeling better now, still has a fever but no bodily fluids coming out of anywhere.....ew...

soooooooooooo now here i am blogging while she lays on the bed and daddy has went to get the boys :D....
hope you all have a great afternoon/evening/morning (whatever time of day it is in your part of the world ;) )
Thought for the day..."Why should God give us what we want, when we can't even be thankful for what we already have?".....makes ya think, huh?

Friday, September 21, 2007

TWO freebies...Cruisin' Susie Mini-mini kit & Chark Byte Calendars!

TGIF!!!! wow this week has flown by!
This week has brought about a LOT of changes for me!...
I have resigned my dtm position at Scrapbook-bytes.com in order to focus more intently on my designing...this was a hard and somewhat bittersweet decision, but one that had to be made none-the-less :(...I had to have my first parent/teacher conference for reasons other than to hear my children praised for their wonderful behavior (Elijah's teacher and I had to talk)...I got a comment from a wonderful friend whom i really must spend more time keeping in touch with (LOVE YA BETH)...I started a new Bible study (Power of a Praying Parent)....started focusing VERY intently on potty training Tink (Chloe).....AND working on several new things for my store at OneofAKindScrapz!.....
The parent/teacher conference was not b/c Elijah is being rude or bullyish or anything like that...He simply is defiant (in a somewhat respectful way). He tries to be sneaky about not completing homework, or about not "changing his color" when another teacher tells him to (they have to change a color card if they are not following directions), and then having melt downs when he is reprimanded...we have been having these same problems at home with him. He never wants to help out with anything, has to be told over and over and over to do simple tasks or chores. Freaks out if he is reprimanded, whether it is just a scolding or a grounding or a swat on the bottom.... Elijah feeds off of attention, good or bad, so his teacher and I have decided to try a new tactic with him. When he is told to do something it is said once, very simply "Elijah do this, this, and/or this"....if he does it immediately he is recognized for his positive behavior...if not, it is stated again, firmly but without any additional commentary from us ;).....
Each day I write a note to his teacher (in print so he can easily "snoop" and see what it says) telling her some of his positive accomplishments from home. Then she, in return, jots down something positive that he accomplished at school that day. Any negative incidents happening at school, she will call my cell phone (so it will not be on the answering machine) or email me to inform me of what is going on. Basically we are taking away his being able to feed off of the negative attention....He will still have consequences for misbehavior, but the focus is going to be mainly on what he can do in the future to correct it...
Tink and I ran into a friend the other day and we were discussing the fact that Tink has been horrendous at potty training. Nothing seems to phase her (wet pants, dirty pants, nothing). We have tried a sticker chart, letting her put stickers on herself, giving her treats for every successful potty time, dancing and singing and clapping the "Chloe pee peed" song.......sigh NOTHING has helped....and she just turned THREE this week (my boys trained EARLY...Lane trained himself at 18 months, just stopped wearing diapers and was done...Elijah had to work at it for ONE week when we was 2 1/2 yrs old and was completely trained...).... Anyway, this friend said to let her put the stickers on her potty chair...I explained that we did "the sticker thing" and it didn't work. She repeated "let her put them ON her potty chair".... SO i decided it can't hurt to try.... I sat her on the potty every 15-30 minutes yesterday (if she peed i set the timer to 30 min, if she didn't i set it to 15), after the first successful "sitting" she got to put a sticker on her potty chair....OMGosh you would have thought i handed her $1000!!!! we had SEVEN pee-pees yesterday (sorry if that is TMI, if you are a mom, you probably TOTALLY understand my excitement, if you are not a parent, just trust me, this is liken to hitting the lottery).
Lane, my oldest, is loving Jr. High (he is in 7th grade now). He actually gets upset if he is running late and doesn't want to miss a day for ANYTHING (he had a tummy bug and had to stay home and was MISERABLE about it)!!! He was mad yesterday b/c he got a B- on a homework paper lol, he is a bit of an over achiever. He has asked if he can start staying after school to help the Elementary art teacher (K-12 are in the same building, just separate wings of the building, and 7-12 get out an hour earlier than the Elementary). In lieu of Elijah's issues, I am going to be volunteering 2 days a week at the school, so I told Lane that on those 2 days he can stay after and just ride home with us. I am hoping that me being in the building specifically to help in "ELIJAH'S" school will help Elijah see that his education and day to day life are as important to me as anything else....we will see...
Anyway that is pretty much my last week. If you have made it this far, you SO deserve a freebie....lets make it TWO of them!!!
The first one is a wonderful gift that a dear friend of mine gifted to me! She had bought my new mini-kit "Li'l Bluebirch" and made a desktop calendar with it for October! She sent it to me and said "if you want to use this as a freebie on your blog, go for it!".....yeah, I love this girl!
Click on preview to be taken to the download :)
If ya download, leave some love if ya would! It really makes me and all the other designers/scrappers want to keep giving stuff away for free :D...

ok, now for the 2nd freebie :)....i am SO excited for a fellow scrapper who just got her license to drive!!! Susie (susieU.K.) always has a sweet comment or an encouraging word for those in the forums she is part of, and just this week she is officially road worthy!!!!!...she is from the UK so I am sure the street signs and such are a bit different there, but I did what i could ;)....this is the Cruisin' Susie mini-mini-kit! click on the preview to be taken to the download!
I'm really happy for ya Susie!!!!

Check back often, I have 2 or 3 Halloween kits on the way to the store and I am sure there will be freebies for all y'all to match the new kits!!!
Have a great weekend!
Quote for the weekend: "I have a great need for God, and a great God for my needs" (heard on sirius Christian station on satellite t.v.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

24 hour FREEBIE.....

:) wow, it has been way to long since I blogged last :)
I am working on getting my store at OneOfAKindScrapz established, and found out that I definitely suffer from severe brain block :P....when I am forcing myself to make something, nothing comes out!
Well, after praying about it a bit and realizing I simply need to refocus and get on a routine with creating, blogging, commenting, posting on sites, working-out, being mom to my kids, being wife to my hubby, and most importantly remembering that everything i have everything i am everything i will ever be belongs to God, I realized there is nothing to have a block about ;)
So Li'l Bluebirch is the kit that came out of some days just doodling while waiting for my kids to catch the bus :)....*I also found out that when I sit for more than 15 min staring at a blank adobe "new document" that it is time to walk away from the computer and just let my mind drift away from all things digi or technological :)
Here is the preview for my newest "mini" kit (the kit can be found& purchased HERE)...

the alpha turned out really nicely and IS included in the kit, but can also be purchased separately :)
here is the preview for the alpha :)

and finally, one of the reasons you probably came to my blog today...the freebie :)
**ATTENTION** this freebie is no longer here :(...but, if you really want it, you can find it sometime on Friday, VERY reasonably priced (as in 1.50 or less) at OneofAKindScrapz

OH yes, i nearly forgot!!!
I was tagged by relocateddixiegirl (and quite a while back by mirandalea) as being a Rockin' Girl Blogger!!! so I must pass the icon to 3 other Rockin' Girl Bloggers :)
1. Dawn (aka winkasheart) @ http://winkasheartscraps.blogspot.com .
2. Cherie Shields @ http://www.scrapittydoodah.blogspot.com/ .
3. Tracy (aka 5angels) @ http://4blues1pink.blogspot.com/ .

There are so many Rockin' Girl Bloggers out there that I could never name them all, but those 3 are the names/blogs i know off the top of my head and by heart

also I tag Babette, even though i was only supposed to tag 3 :P, but Babette tagged me with having to tell 6 unique things about myself...well 7 is my favorite number, so I am going to say I tag the next SEVEN people to post SEVEN unique things about themselves on their blogs (these people are ALL rockin' bloggers...not all gals, but all rockin!)....
I hereby tag:
Aaron (gotta love a scrappin guy having a blog!!!) @ http://sirscrapalot.blogspot.com/
Sonja (i love this girl) @ http://tuneskids.blogspot.com/
Shell (love this girl too, she is a blast) @ http://www.rlwebslife.blogspot.com/
Iris (she's my girl too, hopefully this will bump her to blog for a minute) @ http://ayyacreativedesigns.wordpress.com/
Sarah Grimwood (LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff) @ http://sarahg247.blogspot.com/
Kim B :) (gotta go check out her freebies and designs) @ http://kimbsdesigns.blogspot.com/
and Sara Ellis (she gave me a BIG ol' pat on the back today at http://scrappraise1.wordpress.com/ and it made my day) @ http://scrapsillysara.blogspot.com/

(i also tag pamela gibson but hve to find her addy ;)...ok so that makes 8)...

7 Unique things about me:
1. I am the only person I know with the BIRTH name Fantacy...
2. I have spent more years living in Ohio than in Tennessee, but talk to me for more than 5 min and I am sure you will feel more like I belong down home than up here ;)...
3. I have been married and momma for over 12 1/2 yrs, but I am just getting ready to turn 31 in November (but i still graduated with a B average even though i was married and had a baby months before graduation)...
4. My husband and I have the same birthDAY (we are exactly 2 yrs apart...he is older lol)
5. My little girl's nickname "Tink" was actually given to her by my middle son b/c he said she was so spoiled rotten she "'Tinked"...but my older son strongly defends her by saying it is b/c she was so tiny and is so cute like Tinkerbell...(Elijah had JUST turned 6 when Tink was born, Lane was 9 1/2)
6. I can recite several movies almost by heart (namely Muppets Christmas Carol, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory*GeneWilderVersion*, and a LOT of Christmas programs)
7. My Mamaw & Papaw (mom's parents) did most of what I would call Raising me up right...i miss them both bunches...sniffle...

Ok...now I am really off to bed b/c i have to be up in 6 hours :)
24 hour count down for the freebie starts a midnight tonight!