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Friday, August 01, 2008

ok totally quick and totally kinda random....freebie involved

:D out of no where (ok out of somewhere...heh hmmmm CARLA) I find out that the Teacher's Pet challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate (it is at funky playground designs)....I find this out LATE Tuesday night....which would have been the 29th going into the 30th....
So I get a wild hair up my butt ('scuse the mental pic) and decide to give it a go...even though the deadline for the first assignment is at midnight on Thursday (yeah like 2 1/2 hours ago).....oh and did i mention in the last post that I have a 13 yr old, a 10 yr old, an almost 10 yr old, a 5 1/2 yr old, and an almost 4 yr old 11 hours of the day (3 of those i have 24/7)......crazy? me? huh? who? what?
and that I am ....OH LOOK! THERE'S MY PEN!...uh easily distracted?!
Anywho, since I know a lot of you love me....or you pretend to *raised eyebrow*.....how about you go to Funky Playground Designs (you can click the name to go there) and download my kit and leave me lots of sweet nothings and make me feel better about being so....*did I turn off the livingroom light earlier?*....oh uh distracted and ACK!
If you are not registered there you will have to register (if you want to use me as the referrer my member name there is fantacy) but trust me, there are so many awesome kits available totally free there! you don't even have to go to the shoppe and put them in a basket or anything :D....wanna see what my addition looks like?
here it is :)

:) i really don't wanna look like the smelly kid in class, help me keep face on the playground by downloading (and using) my mini kit :D....and tell your friends too! :D....