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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Don't Miss Out!!!!

Hey all :) Great Morning...err...almost afternoon...um unless you are in Austrailia, then Great Evening.....well you get the point!
Just wanted to pop in and tell y'all to make sure to make it to SBB today at 12:30 est for Raechel's Wednesday Sketch Crop :)...and then again at 11:15 tonight (est time again) for LisaBranka's Quote Crop!!!!
I don't have a preview of Lisa's great participation freebie yet, but I do have a preview of Raechels! (and even if you cannot make it to the Chat/Crop, they give you the opportunity to get the freebie by posting in the gallery using the inspiration! Just go to "forums>Announcements>Crop Announcements and Reminders>Wednesday Sketch Crop" for details.....i KNOW you won't want to miss out on this (Click on preview to view the SketchCrop Thread)

Not only do you get to chat with me and some other equally (if not moreso...i know i know hard to believe they come better than me, huh? sooooooooooo Just Kidding) fun people, get some great inspiration, maybe learn a new technique, but you get that great freebie to boot!!!!

Hope to see ya there :)

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Kim Broedelet said...

What do I call you?- LOL, been reading your "profile" but it's "hillbilly-sweetpea- momma- and fantacy- LOL, so I'll just put them all here.. Thanks soooo much for your comment today- and I am soo glad I found your blog- Congrats on your position at SBB-AWESOME stuff! Just leaving some *love* and um I see you have "redhead" moments and I have "blonde" ones!!! LOL - i even "ripped" myself off in a LO on Friday last week!hahahaha.
Have a wonderful day
PS- I've got all of Dean Koontz books in a book case! LOL -much as my hubby hates it- say's I've read them all why do I want to keep them- but I re-read them again! LOL and The Stand was my favourite from Stephan King- hahahaha