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Thursday, September 11, 2008

If only in my dreams.....

Hello my blog buddies :) long time no blog huh? (seems to be a recurring theme with me this year :( )....Just wanted to let everyone know that I (and the young'uns and the hubb) are all alive and mostly well lol (nasty flu bug/allergies/colds)...Have all 3 kids and 2 nephews back in school so my house is much quieter during the days and much more hectic in the evenings, so I guess it all evens out in the end lol. Lane is in 8th grade this year, Eli is in 4th, and Tink is in her 2nd yr of pre-k. She and Carson are in the same class again and this year she actually likes going!!! What a difference a summer makes lol...
I wanted to announce that I will be designing again very soon :) probably not en masse but at least lil bits now and again :)
I also wanted to point out a kit that is absolutely gorgeous and goes for a good cause....Most of you know my thoughts on "charity" kits (I don't buy unless I am absolutely confident that the people involved are 100% legit). Well, I can tell you that I back this one 150%...Levi (my baby brother) spent Christmas in Iraq, and although we sent him stuff there were many in his platoon that did not get so much as a card from home saying "we love you & miss you".....so run over to The Scrap Orchard and get a headstart on your Christmas cards/layouts/gifts....or honestly this kit is versatile enough that you could do fall layouts (or any layout) with it....

This is for Kami...it was a photoscavenger hunt for "pics you already have in your stash"!.....I had every single one except a stinkin diet pepsi can!!!!! (I had to stretch a bit for the red door and the yellow car, but that was as specific as they were lol.....so i have a red CAR door and a yellow icecream car hahahahaha....most of these categories I could have posted 10 pics for (even the green hair one!)

A photo of a man in a tuxedo *hub & his best friend (mike bryant & mike bryan) at mike bryan's wedding....me & hub before my jr. prom ...wow really told my age there huh?*

A photo of a child playing in the mud *lane & elijah were in the middle of "painting" each other, that is why he is laughing so hard (b/c they got caught before they were done...they wanted to "surprise" me)

A photo of a sleeping animal **my zoe girl and my sadly missed zeker**

A photo of a VERY BAD hair day **tink last year...every day is potentially a very bad hair day with that girl**

A photo with a yellow car in it **yellow ICE CREAM cars count right?...my li'l brother and lane when lane was about 2**

A photo of someone on top of something very tall (or high) **lane & tink at the climby thing at the park.....Tink's first time on "planktons plunge" at King's Island (I have some pics from up in the eiffel tower replica there but no good ones lol)**

A photo of a serious fashion "DON'T" **my mom's cousin Sally & her hub John....hot pink sombrero....'nuff said**

A photo with a red door in it **my cousin heather & my tink...does a red CAR door count?**

A photo of someone wearing a blue dress **me from a time long ago and a memory far away :P...my jr. year homecoming dance lol**

A photo of someone with green hair **go vikings! Lane & Eli all done up for the kick off parade for their school football season back in 2003 (i think)**

A photo with at least 15 people in it **Women of Faith Conference '08, Columbus Ohio...I am pretty sure there were more than 15 people in this pic :) did you say 15 or 15000?**

A photo of someone who REALLY didn't want their picture taken **papaw's fly was down and he thought my mamaw took an "embarrassing" pic of him lol**

A photo with a diet pepsi can in it (ha!!! does anyone drink diet pepsi!?!)
A photo with a famous person in it
**my kids with the Contemporary Christian group Avalon! and my li'l sis and I with....duhhhh, Abe Lincoln (doesn't get much more famous than THAT) **

A photo with two or more people wearing matching outfits (team uniforms don't count!)
**2 of my great aunts were often dressed alike lol....that is my papaw in the back, he looked thrilled there too huh?**

**Remember today to pray for those who lost loved ones 7 yrs ago today....pray for our nation, the upcoming elections (no matter which side of the party line you will be voting from), pray for our troops, and pray for each other.....we were all changed in some way or another by those attacks, never forget it.**


Kami said...

omg girl.

first off, thank you so much for highlighting our kit. not only is it gorgeous, it is for a great cause and i just really, really appreciate your help!

second, those photos are GREAT!! yes they all count!! i am SO going to have to make this harder next time!!

Diane said...

I pop in every now and then to see if there's an new update. Imagine my surprise today at work, when I couldn't leave a comment.

First off, miss ya girl!

Second, great to hear that you'll be designing again. With you're talent, it's a good day in digiland to hear that. :)

Third, love all the photos for your hunt. Amazing how you were albe to pull it all together. It's great to see the kids. I see you around here and there and try to catch your pages at SBB but it seems I miss lots.

Hope you're doing well!!! And I hope that you'll pick back up on more regular posting again. :)

Brook said...

I am so glad I heard from you! I miss chatting with you! I have been so busy with school. Pray for my big boy in college. He is in the path of IKE. Love the picks!

Kim B said...

Hey gf- popped in to see how you were doing and so glad to hear you going to be designing again.
and GOSH- I loved going throught the photo hunt finds! lol, was trying to think of my own as I went through the requirements you had- I think I would have had to do a LOT Of digging- hahahaha
Sending hugs

LadyPatsFan said...

Fantacy! Awesome pictures, I loved looking at them. I've been doing some scanning lately - I just love all the memories. Great to hear from you again. Hope all stays well.