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Friday, January 23, 2009

Contemporary Portrait 4 (I missed 3)....

Ok :) I have shown off my pouty youngest and my oh-so-rarely-smiles-for-photos eldest now is the time to let my Middle E shine :D He is my biggest challenge most days but he is also my most affectionately loving most days...He is a walking contradiction in so many ways. He loves to argue but can't stand not being in agreement...He hates disappointing anyone but never wants to work for anyone's approval...He is brilliantly intelligent but normally chooses to follow his gut before his brain lol
He is, for all his contradictions, imperfectly perfect :)
To say my life would be dull without him would be the understatement of the century!

I missed C.P. week 3, but am happy I remembered ON TIME to post week 4 ;)
If you would like to participate in the Contemporary Portrait meme click on the button on my sidebar (yeah the one with Tink on it ;) ). And could someone explain to me why why call it a "meme?"


Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Fantacy!

Long time, no visit, pls forgive me. Thought I would just stop by and say HELLO and leave a BIG HUG.

Great portraits. I think this last is best.

Hope all is well with you - PS - treasure this age, all too soon they're grown and gone!

♥ Barb

michael bird said...

Well, you got him looking right at the camera and giving just a hit of a smile. Nifty - and I like the b&w.

simply divina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a nice captured of your your son. I like the photos of your blog and the headings. God bless!