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Monday, February 25, 2008

WARNING....tons of pics!!!

The other day we decided to go sledding at a local hill. This is the first snow/ice that we have had all year that has stayed around more than a day or two. Thus starts our story...... :)

Poor Tink...so young...so naive...so trusting as she climbs into the sled with daddy...

her first time sledding that she can remember and THIS is the result...that is her little foot at the top of the sled and her little pink glove under daddy's leg (look near his knee).....

As you can tell, she was not happy about being rolled...she was not happy about losing her hat...and she was NOT happy about sledding with daddy....

Lane reminded me of Frosty the Snowman in all of his tummy pics lol "and he was the best belly whopper around"...I love seeing my "almost teen" laughing and enjoying something he has enjoyed forever :)

Elijah loves being dramatic, trust me there was not enough momentum in those 2 feet of hill to make him roll, but he managed it anyway ;)

She loves making faces...she definitely loves it more than flipping down the hill :)

you can barely see it, but elijah is on the OTHER side of daddy in this one...I really think Mike rolls these babies on purpose so that they won't want to sled with him so he can have the sled all to himself!

Tink once again gave in and rode down with daddy....trick me once shame on you, trick me twice shame on me....this was the last time she would agree to get on the sled with him that day lol

This is her reaction when we tried to convince her to go back up the hill with daddy...she was having none of it!

Notice when he goes it alone he doesn't roll...hm.....coincidence? i think NOT!

There is a fine line between fear and fun, dread and glee! Elijah makes this face almost every time he goes down the hill lol but he said he wsa loving it...go figure!

Lane doin' the Frosty bellywhooper again :)

Tink was afraid we were going to make her go down in the sled again so she was NOT going to smile lol

oh look! a tink sized sled! (aka a lunch tray)

there is that look again, the one he says is a look of unadulterated joy....hm

Mike must have been having a LOT of fun according to that face :)

Lane is almost as big as daddy, but he couldn't let Elijah get to do something first....

She wouldn't let daddy on her "sled" but she would let him give her a boost (she was only about 1/3 of the way up the hill lol)

ok THAT looks like a blast :D

just enjoyin time with daddy

all has been forgiven, and she is daddy's girl again :)

there is that face again ;)

this one turned out blurry :( but I still loved that you could see how much fun they were having!

she loved going down the hill on her own!

:) looks like she threw daddy off that time :D

another run! go tink!!!

still going.....

finally stopped! and you can tell she was happy with herself and with sledding!

it started sleeting/raining/freezing raining so we had to go home...daddy got her a snack of applesauce and saltine crackers....

she found baby lumpy and was asleep in no time flat....

:) I will have a few layouts up tomorrow hopefully, and maybe (big maybe) a freebie soon......seems like every time I make a freebie there is either something wrong with what day I post it on, who can or can't use it, or how long I leave it up... lol


LadyPatsFan said...

Wow, Fantacy. Those are some great pics! You can just hear the laughter and squealing as you look at them. But the one that killed me was the last one of Tink sleeping. Wow, wow, wow. That is definitely a keeper.

Anonymous said...

The photos are GREAT! I love the kids expressions in all of them and the BIG kid looked like he was having a blast! Thanks for all your comments and support. We made it to the beach today - hooray!

Kari °O° said...

how absolutely ADORABLE!!! ya'll look like ya'll had a blast. great big hugs from a distance..i thinkwe're in the start of some cooties around here, Justin's ummm, "tossed" 3 times tonight.
Still get ya'll in my thoughts & prayers hunny!!!!

Veronica said...

Love those photos!! Now why didn't we see you in any of those? :)

Angela said...

What a wonderful time! The photos are awesome! You can come up here and sled anytime! We go almost every weekend from November thru March!!! Of course we fish on the ice too!! Love the picture of your daughter with the big smile! Can't wait to see what you do with that one!


Jen said...

I so need to make it back in town soon to see you and the fam. (((hugs))) to you all!

Brook said...

I love the picts the second time too! They are even better with the narrative! What a beautiful family! I'm glad you had such a fun time!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

fantastic photos Fantacy.. your little Tink is such a sweetie.. you are truely blessed..
Thanks so much for being part of TTS and more importantly a great friend!!!
co-owner of TTS

Sara E said...

looks like they all had such a blast......
missed seeing you sled down that hill though

and... Tink is such a cutie!