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Friday, December 19, 2008

My dream?...

I don't normally post giveaway links here. All of you know that. Tonight is different. I know that I have already posted one earlier, but I had to post this one too....if there is even a teeny tiny chance that I might win it, I have to try!
If you are part of my family you know this already, if you are a friend you MIGHT know it (maybe not), if you ever visit my blog you might have an idea...but my dream for the past 11 yrs has sincerely been to do some sort of photography for a living. We aren't talking the type that has galleries in NYC, just the type that makes enough to help the family income out and makes enough from her paid jobs to do photographs for families who can't afford studio prices (or even wal-mart prices!). Part of our church family is closely involved with the local pregnancy crisis center. This is where mothers (teen to however old) can go and get assistance during their pregnancy and after. Most of these moms cannot afford even the smallest package of birth photos (those stinkin' things are EXPENSIVE!) or photos of their older children. I would love to be able to volunteer a couple days a week to just do photos for these moms. BUT it takes something I don't have....a DSLR camera. I am not complaining about the camera that I have! It is just that it is very limited as to what type of photos I can shoot because it is very limited with quality in low light or things like that....IF I were able to choose my gift package what I would choose would be the Nikon D60 DSLR camera! If not, I would choose the PS3 game package for Mike and the boys. (but secretly every part of me wants that camera more than I can express lol...ok not so secretly ;) ).
SO....how can you have a chance to make YOUR dreams come true?! Just head over to TechnoSailor's blog and tweet, comment, and blog about it!

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